George Raptis

Katastrophentheorie/Catastrophe Theory

(Singularitäten differenzierbarer Abbildungen)

SS20, Mi 16-18, M101

Seminar Description

The Seminar is concerned with the classification of certain singularities of differentiable functions of several variables.
We will develop methods for the classification of these singularities and for the study of their genericity and stability

The topic of the Seminar forms a natural continuation of the lecture courses in Analysis. The Seminar talks will be held
in German or English. The written reports can be submitted in German or English. Link to GRIPS

Seminar Schedule [pdf]
An Introduction [pdf]

Slides from Talks

Germs, Jets, Determinacy, Codimension (A summary of the first part of the Seminar)
Classification of Germs with Codimension ≤ 4
Unfoldings of Germs and Catastrophes (An overview of the last part of the Seminar)

Recommended Reading

Th. Bröcker, ''Differentiable Germs and Catastrophes''
D.P.L. Castrigiano, S.A. Hayes, ''Catastrophe Theory''
Y.-C. Lu, ''Singularity theory and an Introduction to Catastrophe Theory''
T. Poston, I. Stewart, "Catastrophe Theory and Its Applications".


Analysis I-II/Lineare Algebra I-II/Algebra